Who is Frederic Maurel?

Frederic Maurel is a French photographer and his studio is located in Paris. He wanted to change his website to give it a new look and update its contents.

What did we do for him?

358generation chose the platform WordPress for its very user-friendly interface. At 358generation we provide you with a website ready for use, we personalize it and we leave it up to you to modify, update or add its content. This type of mini-website is relatively cheap, easy to use and you are the sole manager, once it’s finished. We also offer training to allow you to post, add or delete content from you website in total autonomy; we also offer maintenance services to make that your website it always performing at its best.

Are you interested?

Then contact us via the contact form and do not hesitate to go have a look at the website we create for Frederic Maurel: http://frederic-maurel-photographe.fr
site web frederic maurel

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