the affiliation is a partnership between a merchant and an affiliate, through which the merchant can put a link or a banner on the website of the affiliate to drive visitors

to his website, in exchange for a commission fee. 358generation identifies the best affiliates for your business, to target the specific groups of web-users that interest you and to drive traffic to your website and boost your sales!

web analytics:

with the term “web analytics” we refer to the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of internet data for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage. 358generation constantly monitors and analyses internet key performance indicators to measure the efficacy of our digital strategy for you and to constantly be able to improve your business performance.


in order to provide our clients with the best digital strategy, we believe it is fundamental to first of all look carefully at what your competitors are doing. this is why we start all our mandates with a precise benchmark of your brand/company/products, to understand who are your competitors, where are they present, what is their digital strategy. this way, not only we learn from their mistakes but we are sure to create for you something new, innovative and unique, that has not been seen before!

community management:

the term “community management” identifies all operative and strategic tasks involved in the management of online communities. but what is an “online community”? a group of web users that exchanges online over a given topic/object/brand. 358generation not only creates a web community around your brand, but also animates it and makes it grow, to increase the interest of your clients in the brand and to attract new prospects. moreover, thanks to our international team, we are able to develop country-specific online communities and understand cultural differences and

country specificities.


the modern industry where buying or selling of products and services is made over electronic systems such as the internet. by the end of 2013, total worldwide e-commerce transactions are expected to reach $16 trillion = 13.8% of global sales; you do not want to miss this opportunity, right? 358generation not only can create or improve your online selling platform, but thanks to our diverse linguistic competences and different cultural backgrounds, we can eliminate the geographical barriers that separate you from your customers worldwide and make your products/services purchasable anywhere!


“e-reputation” stands for “online-reputation”, e.g. the image conveyed or undergone by a company or by a brand on the internet or other numerical supports. your e-reputation results from the contents produced and diffused by the company and especially by web users on blogs, social networks, forums etc. 358generation knows that e-reputation is becoming an always more important part of a company’s global image and this is why we monitor conversations about your brand/company and at the same time we promote the best possible

image of your brand/company.


a keyword is a significant or descriptive word and in the internet industry they represent a very important tool. indeed, any web user uses keywords to search for a specific information/product/service on search engines; given the query, search engines will look for the websites that contain those keywords and will order them based on their reliability. our multilingual team can therefore integrate in your website the most relevant keywords for different countries and in 6 different languages!


a plug-in is a software component that adds a special feature to an already existing system, such as different browser supports for your website, flash-media data etc. according to your needs, 358generation adds to your website the necessary plug-ins to ensure the best possible experience to the visitor on your website.


sea stands for “search engine advertisement”, e.g. paid online advertising on search engines such as google, bing, yahoo etc. how does it work? no need to worry about it: you just set up a budget and decide which countries you want to target and we do the rest! we identify the most used keywords by web users looking for your type of products/services, we create ads around them and then we set up and manage your advertising campaigns! in different languages and for different countries! the result? an exponential increase of your website visits!


seo stands for “search engine optimization”, e.g. the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s « natural » or un-paid (« organic ») search results. 358generation, thanks to its seo expertise, boost your website to the first results on google, bing, pinterest, everywhere in the world!

social media marketing:

social media marketing refers to the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites. what are social media sites? all social platforms such as facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram etc. together with you we build a medium/long-term social media strategy personalized to your business, your needs, your products and services! because we know very well that not every social media is good for every business and what is true in one country, might not be true in another one!

web traffic:

with “web traffic” we refer to the number of people visiting a given website. this is one of the key indicators to measure your digital performance! but it is not enough! this is why, thanks to different tools, 358generation analyses your web traffic to understand your visitors’ behavior, measure the performance of your website in terms of design, text and easiness, we measure also the efficacy of community management actions, sea campaigns and anything there is to measure!

web design:

for a physical shop, the look is fundamental to attract clients. in the same way, a website must be catchy and easy to read if you want to attract clients and especially make them stay and buy your products

or services! 358generation has the knowledge, skills, talent and creativity to provide you with a website that no web-user would want to leave!

web marketing:

web marketing refers to advertising and marketing efforts that use the internet to drive traffic to a website and sales via electronic commerce. sounds complicated? do not worry, 358generation is here to take care of everything for you! based on your needs, the type of industry your company is part of and in compliance with your brand image, we develop a comprehensive and personalized web marketing strategy for you. all you have to do is sit back and look your business grow!

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