What is Magicbed?

Magicbed is a revolutionary travel cot created by two French dads of 7 children (3 and 4 each!), who were tired of how complicated it was to travel and move around with their little ones; so one day they had the brilliant idea of developing a travel cot that, like a very famous tent, opens up instantly and folds up in 2 seconds only and weights just 3.4 kg!

What did we do?

Following the huge success of the launch of Magicbed in France in May 2012, the Magicbed team decided it was time to expand and ease parents’ lives all over Europe. To do so, they asked for our help and here it is a brief summary of what we did for them:

-opening of the new Magicbed European website

– text translation in English, Italian, German

– opening of online shops for 12 countries in Europe

– research, identification and implementation of relevant keywords in the website, in different languages (seo)

– creation and management of display campaigns on Google Adwords, for different countries and in different languages (sea)

– creation and animation of Magicbed’s social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest)

– identification and listing of bloggers and influencers all over Europe, who tested and reviewed Magicbed, organized events and games etc.

– design and development of the Magicbed Blog and content creation, to share the experience of traveling with children

– identification of partners online and offline for Magicbed

– customer service before and after sale

– drafting and translation of press releases, diffused all over Europe

And of course, we kept track and analyzed everything to measure the performance of our actions.

What did we accomplish?

Magicbed is now well known all over Europe, purchasable all over Europe, available also in physical shops and online stores! Magicbed was also featured in magazines and newspapers all over Europe and parents simply loved it! Magicbed was also spotted on the official Facebook page of Italian singer Laura Pausini!

Magicbed website & online shop: www.magic-bed.com

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