What is Swisskin?

A perfect blend of state-of-the-art scientific research, nature and quality tradition, Swisskin is at the forefront of cosmetology science. Based in the Swiss Riviera, home to the world »s most famous anti-ageing clinics and laboratories, the brand offers high performing skincare treatments with visible results, based on cutting-edge scientific technologies and research.

Always attentive to the needs and expectations of the most demanding woman, Swisskin »s scientists have created a high-end and sophisticated collection of cellular skin care treatments based on rejuvenating natural active ingredients.

Science and natural powerful actives make Swisskin the highest quality skin care available to reach skin perffection, bringing your skin the precious gift of natural health and youth.

What did we do?

358generation accompanies the launch of new high-end cosmetic brand Swisskin around the world. From the shooting of the products pictures to the realization of an animated presentation, 358generation shapes and builds Swisskin image, before its launch:

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